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Ozonized oil production
INNOVARES is a direct manufacturer of Ozonia 3000, the top quality ozonized oil.

The company had been rewarded from Emilia-Romagna region, for its ability to develop an innovating technology, that process vegetable oils and the Ozone.

The strict control of chemical and physical parameters, the high standard equipment and the specific knowledge, enable Innovares to differ from the concurrent others.

The stability of the Oil and its high level of O3 are the evidence of it.

Ozonia3000 is the name of the highly ozonized sunflower seed oil developed and produced in-house by Innovares.
Ozonia3000 ozonized oil constitutes the active ingredient in the formulations of the OZONIA product line  (Ozonia10Liniment, Ozonia15 Lipogel, Ozonia spray, Ozoral oral gel, Dento3 toothpaste).
Its action helps reduce inflammation and improve the metabolic state of the skin and mucosa. Stimulation of tissue regeneration as well as prevention and control of infections are among the properties assigned to quality ozonized oil (ozone oil or ozonated oil).

Ozonized oil: many propose it, many advertise it, many think it is all the same; we produce it, therefore we know it, therefore we know that not all ozonized oil are the same.