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Ozonia Spray 75 mL

Ozonia Spray 75 mL
Ozonized dry-oil spray
OTC-product code 976386437

Dry-oil spray containing 12% ozonized sunflower seed oil called Ozonia 3000,
which is titrated (test method: ISCO3), standardised and stabilised by Innovares.
IP 350 mEqO2/kg +/- 10% (average values).
Does not contain petrolatum, silicones, preservatives, colourings; with natural fragrance.
Dermatologically and microbiologically tested.
Water-repellent, excellent nebulisation.

PACKAGING 75 ml spray can


Calming, soothing, emollient, moisturising, eutrophic, helps to prevent skin ulcers; combats the formation of pathogenic microbial biofilm; promotes the proliferative and re-epithelialization phases of tissue repair.

For dermatological conditions which, because they are tender to the touch, cannot be treated with compressive or friction-generating therapies.
Reddening or rash, delicate, neoformed or dystrophic tissue.

One to three times per day, apply the spray from a distance of 10 to 15 cm, depending
on the size of the area to be treated.